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 Current Projects

Current Projects
Our goal at Synergy Networks is to provide highest level of service possible for our clients. Contact us and we will do all it takes to make your company a success story as well.

Acheson Whitley Cameron Barristers

Acheson & Company is one of British Columbia's class action and personal injury firms and has been a Synergy Networks client for three years. Projects at Acheson & Company include:

  • Migration to Windows 2000 environment and active directory

  • Multiple point data backup

  • Enterprise wide application rollout

  • Support of Foxpro databases

  • Creation of documentation for numerous in house systems

  • Custom Windows 2000 print drivers for legacy printers

  • Document Imaging

  • Phone recording setup (used to generate transcripts for expert witnesses)
Convergent Media Network

Convergent Media Network (CMN) is an online marketing and advertising agency in Chinatown Victoria's Dragon Alley. A new client of Synergy Networks, CMN manages large amounts of sensative customer and sales data. The need for reliable and secure computer servers is imperative. Synergy Networks was called in to upgrade CMN's servers and create secure access to data from any physical location. Project details at CMN include:

  • Streamlined Server communication for faster data access

  • Dual zone Virtual Private Network (VPN) setup for secure remote access of all data

  • Multiple client dial in for after hours access
Pacific Prowler / Seapak Fishing Vessels

The Pacific Prowler and Seapak are commercial fishing vessels out of Salt Spring harbor. The Prowler and Seapak make many lengthy fishing trips each year and require reliable computer systems to interface with Sattelite tracking and mapping systems, route mapping and equipment tracking, sea to shore communications and imaging of weather data. These systems are critical to the ability to operate the vessel. Preparation for the Prowler and Seapak projects included consideration for unstable and unconventional conditions such which can include 20-40 foot waves, large amount of water in the cabin, marine power interferance and physical space requirements. Set up for the Pacific Prowler and Seapak include:

  • Building and installation of rugged marine computers

  • Redundant machines and full system images

  • Satellite uplink and GPS tracking systems

  • Installation of in line UPS and troubleshooting onboard power supply
Cherry Tree Inn

The Cherry Tree Inn is located near Victoria's Elk Lake. The Cherry Tree Inn is one of Synergy Networks' many maintenance contract customers who rely on having stable and dependable computers to manage their business. They do not want new and fancy upgrades or the latest and greatest technology. They want sound decisions, and a reliable base to run their business from. Synergy networks provides a stable operating environment, reliable applications, and proven backup and recovery to ensure that their systems will always be there when they need them. Computer services for the Cherry Tree Inn include:

  • Stablized operating environment

  • Antivirus and firewall installation

  • Extensive customization and full imaging of entire hard drive

  • Routine maintenance and check ups